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What's Front?

The quickest and easiest theme for every team

Dedicated app development platform

From open source to premium services, Front makes app creation lightning fast.

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  • App builder
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  • 集成
  • Reporting
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Full API reference
public class AppInheritanceTest {
public static void 主站(String[] args) {
Front front = new Front(true, "theme", 4);
System.out.println("Is Front 响应式?" + front.is响应式());
System.out.println("Front HTML " + front.getHTML());
System.out.println("Front has " + front.getDemos() + " demos.");
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Why Front

Do more with an end-to-end solution

Robust libraries

Use Front thoroughly thought and automated libraries to manage your businesses.

Simplified Snippets tools

Quickly Front sample components, copy-paste codes, and start right off.

Comprehensive docs

无论您是初创公司还是跨国企业,学习如何与 Front 集成.

Layout options

Apart from 100+ HTML-pages, the theme comes with 6 ready-to-use and stand-alone demo options.

Speed up

Reduce time and effort on building modern look design with Front only.

A full solution for start-ups

Front comes with design layouts from Corporate to Course platform.

Start free trial. * No credit card required.

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